Key Duplication Services

Key Duplication Services PensacolaKeys, although small, are very important items. Without them, you can’t access cabinets, buildings, and some car models and makes, etc. There are circumstances which require you to have keys duplicated. This is where key duplication services come in. There are times you may want spare keys made to fit your house. In such a scenario, you will have several options. There are numerous places where they cut spare keys. Some key cutters copy other types of key like cabinet and padlock keys.

There are special cutting machines used in duplication of keys. Here, a blank key is paced into a vise which is located within the machine, with the original key being put in a different vise besides it. This is important in ensuring that the shape of the duplicate key that is going to be cut matches with the original key. The duplicate keys must be copied from the original keys because copying from duplicates can cut keys that differ slightly from the original one in terms of sharpness. Consequently, the newly created duplicate key may not function appropriately.

Different types of key cutting machines use different grinding equipment. For instance, there are some types of keys that can be created using a punching machine instead of a grinder. This method involves measuring of the size of each notch in the original key before punching it out and proceeding to the next one. Also, there are particular types of keys that are extremely difficult to duplicate. In fact there are some that are created with a “do not copy” mark on them.

The following are some of the keys that key duplicating services will help to copy:

House keys

House keys are obviously the most common type of keys. The two major types of house keys are lever lock and tumbler lock keys.

Car Keys

Automobile keys are used to open vehicle doors, trunk and for the ignition of the engine. However, with the advent keyless entry and ignitions systems, the newer and more sophisticated cars no longer need keys.

Double-Sided Keys

Double sided key type can be used for either as house or auto key. This type differs from other normal keys in that they have two sets of teeth.

Master Keys

Master keys are designed to open a number of locks although these locks will have distinct keys to open each one.

Transponder keys

Transponder keys are a type of car key that produces a signal to the computer system that is located within the car.

There are several reputable companies offering key duplication services that can have your keys duplicated professionally and perfectly. With these, you will not have to worry about duplicate key getting into the wrong hands.