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Safe and Volts PensacolaA safe or vault is a secured structure where you can keep valuable items. They are designed to maintain the integrity of the contained documents, money, jewelry or even guns by being tamper proof. The safes and vaults are available in many designs and with a variety of security features.

The shops or stores that stock the safes and vaults usually have a select class of employees that offer technical assistance on the installation and use of the safes. Most of these secure equipment come with fail-safe mechanisms and incorporate a variety of user authentication mechanisms to control access to the safe’s contents.

In spite of that, users are still very curious or doubtful of the safe’s capabilities. This article highlights some of the questions that are commonly asked to vault and safe store owners. They are intended to enlighten the customer or the shop owner on the functionality of some of the features or capabilities that safety vaults provide or purport to.

1) Do Safes And Vaults Come With Waterproof, Fireproof Or Burglarproof Features?

It will be a bit overrated for one to claim that vaults and safes are waterproof, burglarproof or fireproof. The right thing to say is that they are designed to withstand exposure to heat, water and to some extent human tampering. This is to say that they have some level of resistance towards the above elements.  Safes and vaults are distinguished by the level of resistance they provide. There are a few manufacturers who have tested their safes for water and fire and found them to be completely invulnerable. For burglary, no guarantees can be given as individuals have also become very sharp and can crack codes easily.

2) Can Safes And Vaults Be Bolted To The Floor?

Most manufacturers will recommend that the vaults or safes be firmly bolted to the floor or wall. They, therefore, design the safes to have an allowance or feature that supports bolting. Anchor belts are provided with such vaults. Securing the vault or safe in that way ensures that if the burglars fail to break or open the vault, they cannot take it with them.

3) Do Safes And Vaults Require Maintenance?

Just like any other mechanical structure, the vaults and safes need constant maintenance. The locks, hinges, and bolts need regular cleaning and lubrication. Adjustments to these features should be done by a professional locksmith preferably after every two years.
The cleaning and lubricating are pretty easy and can be done by the individuals using the safes and vaults.

Whether you a customer interested in purchasing a vault or a retailer finding difficulties handling your customers’ questions regarding safes and vaults, this article has made an attempt at providing answers to the most basic and common questions out there.

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